Welcome to this website!

If you are looking for an improvement in your health in the long term, a better mood and the ability to keep your stress in balance, then start training with Jojafit!

“Empowering people to become stronger, both physically and mentally, to become their best self by offering movement-based trainings.” is my vision for Jojafit.

I offer both Personal Trainings and Group Trainings. Lately the focus is martial arts group trainings that is applicable to kickboxing. The trainings also incorporate exercises from Pencak Silat, Muay Thai and Karate. Interested? Send me a text- or whatsapp message!

I am Jojanneke and Jojafit is my company. I have been teaching groups and individuals with various sports such as kickboxing, boxing, high intensity training, acroyoga, flexibility and body-weight strength training. My specialization is making others stronger in both body and mind.

I have created this website to the best of my ability. Should you have a question or suggestion, please let me know!