Kickbox workshop at Radboud University

Today, Jojafit will go to Nijmegen. The Radboud University Sports Centre has beautiful facilities.  A research group of the Donder’s Institute (Neuroscience) is curious about kickboxing.

2 thoughts on “Kickbox workshop at Radboud University”

  1. Alejandra says:

    It was so fun!! My first time ever kickboxing and I feel like I learned so much!
    Dank je wel!!

  2. Evelien says:

    Great kickboxing class from an amazing, energetic teacher! 🙂
    Joja was great at creating a relaxed atmosphere, making everyone feel comfortable during class, regardless of experience level. In addition to clear instructions of proper technique, we did some fun, light sparring games! Everything in good fun and emphasizing the importance of respect for each other throughout the class. Can recommend!!

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