New classes: Kickbelax

Winter is coming… Do you feel like the darkness and cold might get the better of you? You are not alone! Many people have more difficulty handling their daily tasks, there is often pressure to be productive at work while maintaining a healthy body and mind. This can lead to a variety of unwanted symptoms, from mild winter dips to depression or even burnouts. If you want to stay ahead of that, or prevent your symptoms from worsening, you might be interested in the new Kickbelax trainings.

In winter we first have festivities with stress of keeping it ´gezellig´. Then we need to get through the coldest season of the year.
Especially during this period you might need some support in balancing your energy. A mindfull approach of kickboxing and relaxation has been developed to help you!

Photo by Doug Tunison on Unsplash

Kickboxing will help you to become aware of your own response to stress. It is a high intensity workout where you learn to let out frustrations in a controlled way. It allows you to acces your energy, make you feel how strong your are. There is a strong social component as kickboxing is an interactive sport.

Mindfull means that you are aware of where you are now and how you feel in this moment. Its value is in finding out how your body reacts to stress. We use kickboxing as a metaphore for stress in daily life because both lead to the same bodily respons. By including mindfullness in a kickboxing training we not only increase awareness, we can even learn to relax the body. Breating techniques that are even used by law enforcers will help to relax fast and effectively. Therefore this training is a combination of kickboxing and relaxation.

All this will be incorporated in the new, weekly trainings. From dec-march these will be held indoors. Time (to be confirmed): 19.30-20.30 Tuesdays. Starting 3 December.

PS: This training is especially good for Burnout prevention, Depression prevention.