About Jojanneke

Hi there,

I am Jojanneke, the owner of Jojafit . I generally smile and really enjoy teaching. With Jojafit, I follow my passion to coach people and help them grow. I use physical exercise (sports) to do so.  I am generally a nice person that invests in getting to know people around me. I am also dedicated to coaching people and really enjoy it when I see people grow. My key values are Kindness, Strength and Wisdom.

Although it might look like I am an ‘average’ fitgirl, I am really not. I have not done any sports for most of my life. Once I found something that challenged me, I started noticing the benefits from training regularly. I am constantly looking for good and better ways to train. And I want to knowledge and experience on to other people. 

I have been teaching group lessons in various sports like kickboxing, acroyoga, flexibility and body strength for quite some time. I think it is important to be able to adapt every class to the students. That is why I don’t stick to dictated lesson plans but make my own classes. I see it is one of my strengths that I can adapt to you as an individual or group. 

I want to make people better at what they do. And in order to improve, you need consistency. That’s why I offer lesson series. But for those who want to try something once, I also organize workshops.