About Jojafit

Empowering people to become physically and mentally stronger. And connecting people through sports.

Jojafit specializes in training without attributes. Training with body weight is an important basis for exercise in daily life, but it is important that you know how you train. Therefore, the trainer pays close attention to posture and technique.

Jojafit focuses on sports that develop both the individual and the team. Social interaction plays an important role in group trainings and the JojaModules are designed to make the group grow. They are about communication, trust and boundaries.


At Jojafit you know for sure that you will get a qualified trainer for you. Jojanneke is included in the Quality Register of Fitness professionals at FITNED.nl. In addition to government-recognized qualifications for fitness professionals, Jojanneke has also completed a university bachelor and master.

For who?

Jojafit offers sports for people that have busy lives. That is why Jojafit comes to you rather than the other way around. All JojaModules can be a very good addition to your weekly routine. Choose one or more that match with what you like.  If you are looking for an improvement in your health in the long term, a better mood and the ability to keep your daily tasks and relaxation in balance, then look further on this site and get in touch!

Regular physical activity promotes health and reduces disease outages. For many people it is difficult to motivate themselves to exercise. A personal trainer can help you but also group training is a powerful tool. In large groups,  people sometimes freceive (too) little personal feedback. With Jojafit, the groups do not exceed 20 people, which ensures individual attention. Everyone is stimulated at his own level. This makes the lessons personal, challenging and motivating for everyone.