Did you ever fly on your father’s feet, like an airplane? Wondering if you could still learn this trick as an adult? Why not give it a try!

In JojaBalance, also known as acroyoga, balance is key. Both individually, when trying for example a handstand, as well as together in the ‘airplane’. When you work together, you develop trust. Where one provides stability as the base (the base), the other exercises confidence on this basis and can therefore fly (the flyer).  Acrobalance usually has three roles: a base, flyer and spotter. The base forms the basis of the different postures. Often this person is on his/her back and can balance the flyer on the hands and/or feet. The flyer represents freedom and dynamic balance and is the person who is lifted by the base and as it were flies. The flyer then takes several positions that are supported by a strong base of the base. Finally, the spotter, this represents security and support. The spotter does not participate in the different positions, but keeps an eye on the sail to avoid any accidents or injuries. The aim is for everyone to control all roles so it will be exchanged during the lesson.

You may be afraid that these hard-looking postures are impossible to learn for you, but you will amaze yourself! It is hard work but there are plenty of opportunities to relax. Your inner child may come out again and help you, as an adult, to balance your life!