Have you always been curious about this martial art in the ring, where only the hands are used? Put on some gloves and try it out! You’ll find that boxing is much more than hitting each other. There is technique behind every punch, tactics behind each combination.

During your first boxing class, you practice the different punches first in the air and then together on the gloves. You will learn how to combine and how you can protect yourself. Once you are familiar with the commonly used punches, the game can start. You try to hit (tap) your buddy with your gloves, while you try to not get hit, that’s what it’s all about. In follow-up classes, the combinations will get more advanced and sparring will be even more fun.

Of course safety is very important. First of all, you never punch on the face without a mouthguard. Secondly,  you always take into account the boundaries of each other and yourself. This is key and safety must always be respected.

A boxing class is a lot of fun if you want to get to know your friends or colleagues better. Everyone can participate, no matter the level.


NOw available: tryout classes outside in Utrecht OOst!