Doing sports together with your co-workers or colleagues is good for many reasons. It reduces stress and therefore it helps to reduce sickness. It also increases a sense of ‘togetherness’ which stimulates good cooperation. In other words, the social cohesion in your company can increase by doing in-company sport with Jojafit. This will reduce costs for sickness leaves.

Jojafit offers a variety of sports that you can do with your coworkers.  Boxing and kickboxing are high intensity workouts, whereas acroyoga/acrobalance is more about finding balance. The Yoga and Boxing classes are a mix of both. Every Jojafit program can be adapted to specific needs and wishes. Please get in touch if you are interested. I look forward to coming by and discussing your wishes so that I can make a tailor-made program for you.


Every company and sometimes even every department has its own wishes, depending on what is going on. Jojafit therefore makes tailor-made programs.

This group of researchers of the Donders Institute got to know each other in a completely different setting than the lab.

Themes that can play at work are a high workload and difficulty with expressing limits of the amount of work you can handle. In that case, Jojafit suggests boxing and kickboxing lessons, so you learn how to continue performing under high pressure. Using very clear examples of physical training, you learn more about your own patterns and makes it easier to tackle your bottlenecks at work. Let me give an example.

In the exercises of JojaBox and JojaKickbox you often hit each other’s glove. You are therefore jointly responsible for the quality of each other’s training. If the other person hits too hard, do you say something? Maybe not, for example because you think you should be able to handle it. But then the other person will not go softer, so you get more than you can handle. In the training you learn to say something and so you literally practice setting limits. Turned around, you also learn to better estimate how far you can go. Sometimes you can do more than you initially thought and that, of course, can also be translated into situations at work. With JojaBox and JojaKickbox, accents can be placed on these kinds of themes. In this way, everyone gets to know each other better but most of all themselves.

If you are interested, please get in touch! I will visit you to discuss your wishes. Then you will receive a program that fits your company.

GGD-GHOR ervaarde al hoe boksen een mooi middel kan zijn om te oefenen met mentale weerbaarheid. Jojafit verzorde de energizer als afsluiting van een dag vol lezingen en workshops


You can really reap the benefits of physical exercise if there is continuity in it. That is why it is best to choose weekly lessons for your employees/colleagues. In this way they can advance physically, mentally and socially. Would you like to try something only now and then? Take a look at the workshop page.


Do you have training facilities at your location?  I am happy to come to you and give classes at your own location. If not, we will discuss what is possible in terms of facilities. Maybe we can find something in the surrounding area.

Cost might be deductible

Sometimes you can deduct the company fitness costs from your company profit. This only counts for companies with employees (no freelancers). It is required that the training takes place at the employer’s location and that all employees can join (minimum 90%.) It is irrelevant whether they will actually participate (source). *

For self-employed persons without employees (freelancers), the costs for sports / training are only deductible if you can clearly indicate that the training is in the company’s interest. This interest must then be greater than the personal interest. When training is particularly important for your company (it helps your business), one could argue that these are partly deductible. The tax authorities are unclear about this ( link1link2link3).  Group training thus seems less interesting for freelancers. When it comes to work reintegration, it is a different story. You could argue that personal guidance is deductible in that case*.

* This text is not legally binding. Always inquire with a tax advisor about the possibilities in your situation.