Curriculum Vitae


I have a university Bachelor degree in (neuro)Biology at the Radboud University Nijmegen. During my master’s degree, I started to discovered more about sports and I wanted to learn more about training. I decided to start studying this too, and within a year I had the dutch recognized diplomas for fitness trainer and personal trainer Fit!vak A and fit!vak B. Together with my university master’s programme, this allows me to separate sense of nonsense. It also enables me to dig through scientific literature when looking for useful information concerning physical training. Meanwhile, I also obtained a research master’s degree from Utrecht University and have worked as a junior lecturer at the University this past year.


In many of my classes, I use training forms that are outlined as Gladiator Workout ® principles. I took a course for this workout system designed for groups by ‘ Train the trainers’ and received a certificate in 2017.

In 2018 I took part in the first trainer-course of Boxercise ® in The Netherlands. This program is already very popular in England. It pays attention to how you can teach everyone proper boxing.

Flexibility method

A topic of personal interest is flexibility. Especially how you can train this safely, without injuring muscles. The opinions differ on how to become more flexible as an adult. There are countless tips on the Internet to quickly learn to do splits. But even if you are warmed up properly, you can just go too far and tear a muscle. During my search for a good method I discovered to the Easy Flexibility method of Paul Zaichik, who is still unknown in the Netherlands. I obtained a certificate for this method in 2017. I now use this method in all my classes. A even have a training specially designed to increase flexibility which I teach at University Sports Centre Olympos.