Kickboxing challenges you to get to know better both yourself and your training buddy.  After learning basic kicks and punches, there are various games where you learn to outsmart your opponent. Like any other game, you can work on tactics and there are strict rules regarding safety. There will be emphasize on both ¨attack¨ and ¨defence¨ moves and strategies. You can challenge yourself in how you react to what the other person is doing. You will get to know yourself better and you might even see your colleague in a different way!

Respect is essential for this class. Respect for the other, which means that you listen and stay within the boundaries of the other. For example, you learn how hard your punches can land on their glove, or how much pressure you can put on them in a game. But you also need to respect yourself. You will learn to clearly indicate what your limits are and to note how your body responds to stress. 

Being respectful also means we do our best to keep it safe.  Therefore, you never aim to the head, nor can anyone have the intention to hurt another person. 

In a single workshop aimed to get to know your group members, we will sometimes switch buddies during the workshop.

Duration: 30 min, 1 hour or 1.5 hour.

Note: With a shorter version, shin guards are not a must since roundhouse kicks will be left out.

It was so fun!! My first time ever kickboxing and I feel like I learned so much!
Dank je wel!!

Alejandra JojaKickbox 25/10/18

Great kickboxing class from an amazing, energetic teacher! ?
Joja was great at creating a relaxed atmosphere, making everyone feel comfortable during class, regardless of experience level. In addition to clear instructions of proper technique, we did some fun, light sparring games! Everything in good fun and emphasizing the importance of respect for each other throughout the class. Can recommend!!

Evelien JojaKickbox 25/10/18