Online Training

Improve your wellbeing with targeted trainings at home? Jojafit has a few home workouts specifically for beginning and intermediate kickboxers. They work for people who only have a small room to do the workout in, and they are close to the exercises used in our outdoor trainings.

These workouts will be in webinar-style. You wil be asked to pay a fee so that Jojanneke can continue to pay rent, now and in the future. In case the set up system for checkout doesn´t work, please use the tikki:

Below, you will find the links to some of the workouts. More workouts will be recorded if requested. Jojanneke is not yet a website geek so it might be that something fails to work well. In that case, please contact 0634622429. Creating an account is not necessary.

Request a workout type by sending a message to Jojanneke or leaving a comment.

Intervaltraining Great For Active Break When Working From Home

Duurkracht Circuit

Flexibility for higher kicks

Kickboxing workout for 1