Personal sport experiences

I really started playing sports when I went to study. With a friend, I started going to weekly classes of ‘exercise with music’, my first positive encounter to sports. I had always hated physical education at school so I was surprised I liked it. Later, we went to Zumba and as a joke I also tried pole dancing. I was hooked inmediately. When I moved to Utrecht for my masters, I started PoleFitness. I had the chance to join the national championships and for the first time started training more often. I finished second in my category (intermediate) on the Dutch Championships of 2016. The year after that, I competed again, but in a different category, the doubles. And in 2017, we won a gold medal in this category!

Meanwhile, a housemate had invited me to try his sport, kickboxing. I was expecting an aggressive hitting and kicking and rejected it at first. But when I finally gave it a try, I found out that there were so many techniques and game elements in it that I wanted to know more about it. Currently, this is my main sport. My dream of competing in the ring has had some delays because of serious injuries, but I hope I can stand in the ring soon. I am also going to train Muay Thai in Thailand to add this to my set of skills.