Personal Training

My mission as a personal trainer is to teach women how to train without the use of equipment, in their own space.

Would you like help or guidance for your training? There are multiple reasons to want personalized training with a trainer that is there for you. For example when you are recovering from an injury, after or during a chronic illness or after pregnancy. Or when you just start exercising and do not yet know what kind of sport suits you. Together with you, personal trainer Jojanneke will look at what you need and the training is completely tailor-made.

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At your home

Unique about Jojafit is that the training is at home, your home. That saves you time to commute. And, more importantly, it ensures that you learn how to fit your training into your daily life, using the surroundings in your own space. The only thing you really need is some floor space and a mat. Depending on your wishes, it can be indoors or outdoors.

The first appointment is an acquaintance from both sides in which the goals are discussed. In addition, we will do some exercises and/or tests so that the trainer gets a better understanding of your current situation.

What do you need?

Jojafit specializes in training without attributes. That makes training accessible to everyone. You can really strengthen muscles with only your own body weight! Technique is important. Therefore, a lot of attention will be paid to the correct posture in all exercises. This also improves your posture when you are not training. In some cases, an elastic band can intensify your training. In that case, you might be asked to buy/borrow a Dynaband. And for a more comfortable workout at home, a mat can be useful. But other than possibly a mat and Dynaband, you do not need any materials. This ensures that you can repeat the exercises anywhere, even when you travel!

You can choose to train exclusively with the help of a personal trainer. It is also possible to add some trainings without her during the week. Because Jojafit’s Personal Training program can be done at home, it will be relatively easy to repeat the exercises by yourself during the week.

Per training session your pay 79 euros including taxes (btw). For this fee you will get a personalized training program that is prepared for each training separately. The personal trainer will come to your place. You have the opportunity to get homework exercises if you want them.

Get in touch if you are interested, we will look at the possibilities together.