Outdoor Small Group Trainings

Update: April 2022 is the last month of these trainings. In May they will no longer continue due to personal circumstances.

JojaFit offers small group kickboxing classes. We practice a combination of Muay Thai, Pencak Silat and Kickboxing, all applicable to Kickboxing rules. Outside, in Utrecht on the east side of town. Open to everyone with beginner to intermediate level who wants toe learn something new, get in shape and is ready for a challenge. Besides working on your physical fitness, we also focus on mental fitness. This is done by incorporating breathing techniques and awareness of non-verbal interactions.

COVID-19 UPDATE: These outdoor trainings have resumed, they can easily be transformed (back) into no-contact and no-material trainings. As long as we can, we will include sparring. If not, we have an opportunity to work more on technique, improve strength, flexibility and stamina.


Winter: Oosterspoorbaanpark (Utrecht Oost)

Summer: https://goo.gl/maps/JqedDcrFyyNhWzEx7 , close to the bus stop Rubenslaan and the school KrommeRijn College.

Register your spot by sending a message via whatsapp or text (sms). First time? Sign up here: https://forms.gle/Ls8LAczzwo12VFsb9

Time table

Wednesday 18.00h (Last trainings in april 2022).


Small group trainings, which ensures that the teacher sees you. All levels are welcome, especially beginners/intermediate level.
Gloves and shin guards are mandatory. When renting gloves, clean hand wraps improves hygiene and therefore they are included in the rent price.

Special attention is paid to non-verbal signals during sparring games. This is done by means of reflecting on own behaviour and giving tips about how to improve reactions on the other persons behaviour. Safety is important, therefore we pay attention to boundaries. Another safety measure is that during sparring, blows to the head are forbidden (unless both agree to include it). Kickboxing provides metaphores to how we behave and feel in daily life, therefore it improves mental fitness. As a high intensity sport, it also increases physcial fitness.

What to bring/wear?

  • Please come in sports clothes that are appropriate for the weather.
  • Bring a full bottle of water.
  • If you purchased a multi-class card, please bring it with you.
  • If you already have gumshields/mouthguard, gloves and/or shin guards, you are invited to bring them too. The latter two can also be rented (for free) from JojaFit.
  • Clean hand wraps are mandatory in JojaFit gloves. When renting these gloves, clean hand wraps are provided.
  • If you bring a bag or a jacket, you can leave it next to the teacher´s bag with equipment during the training. We will keep an eye on it.

Registration and payment if you book a JojaFit class

Curious for this small group training? Please register via this form and use the materials (gloves, shin guards) for free during your first class! Students with a student card get a discount. Their try-out class costs €7.50, future classes will be €9.50.

Like the class and want to come again? Sign up or cancel your class via whatsapp or text message (sms). Buy a single entry for €9,50 or buy 5 classes for €47.50 and get the 6th class FREE! Sign up or cancel your class via whatsapp or text message (sms).

NEW: the circuittrainings, now seperate trainings, have a different fee. They cost €5.25 (€4.25 for students). Or use half a class from your 6-entry card. People with a 6-entry card who follow kickbox classes, can join a circuittraining for free when it is just before or after their kickbox-class.On request only