Team building workshops

“My mission is to connect people through sports”

Looking for a fun activity?  Book a workshop (clinic) Boxing, Kickboxing, Self defense for women, or Acroyoga. Nice to get to know each other better. Highly recommended for coworkers and sport teams. Communication, expressing boundaries and practicing with trust are important aspects of the workshops.

During the workshop, there will be interaction with (almost) every group member.  Interaction takes place both verbally and non-verbally. Especially the non-verbal communication is easier to read while doing contact sports. We all send out information about how we feel. With (kick)boxing, there are aspects of being open or closing yourself off (protecting yourself), having respect for each other and go neither too hard nor too soft on each other.  Every group member is encouraged to verbally give feedback on they see from their buddy. This can be a helpful tool to improve communication.

Expressing personal boundaries can also be practiced in the workshop. When rotating buddies, you will come across different types of people. Some may punch harder than others, keep their distance or come closer. In the workshop, you will be encouraged to express to your buddy what you are comfortable with. (Kick)Boxing is a very effective tool to practice this since the consequences of not-expressing your boundaries will immediately lead to discomfort. In that case, most people quickly adjust and learn to be very honest with themselves.

Interested? Let me know what you are looking for via this form


The following  rates include taxes (btw), equipment and room hire at the Olympos sports center. If you wish to use another location or do it outside, please state this in the application.

The minimum amount of people per workshop is 10.

With 10 people, a one-hour workshop costs 280 euro. A 1.5 hour workshop costs 350 euros. For more than 10 people, the price goes up with 15 euro per person. With larger groups, please get in touch to discuss the price.

Jojafit can adjust the rates if the entire group has a valid student card and is a member of a Student Sports Association (SSV). State this with the application if applicable.

Get in touch!

If you are interested, please get in touch to discuss the type of workshop and the date. Contacting is without obligations. If we both agree on a workshop, date and time, you will receive confirmation in writing and pay in advance.